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No matter the magnitude, I find great pleasure in helping all companies expand and thrive! When working alongside companies, big or small, I provide opportunities of growth through visual imagery. I aim to highlight the products and services companies have to offer through a variety of captivating options. For some, building strong content for an online presence, while others developing an alluring look book or high end marketing campaign. Whatever your goal in mind, my key focus is to help your business flourish. 

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Beauty bloggers and business owners, Zulekia and Karla, founded The Daily Concealer. Together, we meet monthly to create eye-catching images to match the informative text for their blog. Product + lifestyle images pair perfectly for high-performing storytelling. 

The Daily Concealer

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I enjoy styling all of my product shoots to match the brand they represent. In this case, TSF Botanicals is an all natural, farm-grown skincare line. To showcase what they stand for I shot their product images, with the ingredients they are made from, on a simple and clean white background to match the pristine lab they're created in.

TSF Bontanicals

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Product images need to standout online in order to catch the viewers attention and influence them to stop scrolling. Shooting for Majka makes my job easy! This lactation powder can grab any momma's attention with just a little help from some adorable baby models, yummy food shots, and photos that empower all women.


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Product imagery should show each and every customer how to use your product. Each photo should explain how much better their life would be when using your product in their daily lives. With Truffle, we did just that! Scroll through to see some fun lifestyle product images.


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Assisting influencers throughout their online journey is immensely meaningful to me. I’ve watched many influencers rise to the top, knowing that the content I provided helped get them there. For me, there is something so inspiring about
helping others reach their goals. I work with influencers of all caliber. Regardless of an influences follower count, I strive to work as a team when creating unique and distinctive content. My creative touch allows influencers the opportunity to
standout in today’s cookie cutter digital age. Sadly, the average selfie is stunting so many influencers potential for growth. With my help, I recommend meeting monthly to brainstorm and design eye-catching pictures, videos, GIFS, and more. Just ask my monthly influencer clients! Together we can produce a months worth of blog/social media content within only a 1 to 2 hour shoot. This leaves my clients more free time to spend with their families and work towards expanding their business. Not to mention, they’re not worried about how and where they’re going to
grab their next Instagram photo!


Now, lets discuss one of my FAVE hobbies… shopping! Did you now, 92% of Americans conduct the majority of their shopping online? So, what does this mean for product based companies? It’s simple really, the better online imagery
surrounding your products; the more you’ll potentially sell! In today’s online world, even the most amazing products don’t sell without strong photos. Online consumers live in a fast-paced world where one quick picture can impact their overall opinion. In reality, an image can truly make or break a product and its reputation. Behind the scenes, I work diligently in creating appealing layouts and product arrangements. Vivid colors, pops of texture, and of course, the standout product attracts the consumer and instantly sparks interest. Allow your products imagery to do all the talking and naturally, sales will come rolling in.


Developing one-on-one brand relationships has been one of my proudest achievements. Collaborating with brands has allowed me to think outside the box, when producing innovative content. Throughout my experience, I have discovered
ways of building a brands reputation and prestige using imagery. A brands noriety is only as strong as their visual content, which is where I come in. In today’s world, it only takes one viral picture or video to gain positive attention and popularity. New trends are becoming relevant everyday. Where are people shopping? Which brands are most reliable? From which companies will you receive the greatest quality? All of these questions and more begin with the visual representation of your brand. In our fast paced society, a quick picture is often all someone has time to look at. In this
case, I can provide your brand with cohesive social content, styling to elevate your specific brand, and marketing photos/videos.

Sure. A few quick clicks on your phone can do the trick. But when it comes to photography – true, careful, thoughtful photography – it takes a lot more than just a ‘point and shoot.’ Whether it’s your wedding, your engagement photos, your senior portraits, or something else in between, quality photos are an investment.

The Investment



I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly talented Karlie is! She captures my projects in an artistic light and gives photos that belong in a magazine. She still amazes me every time I work with her on what she brings to the table. She has helped me be able to create and grow my social media with eye catching content from photos, spectacular videography and tools that help me stay consistent with my feed. Karlie will always be my go to photographer!

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