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January 5, 2018

Tori & Tim | Schnepf Farms



Tori & Tim met through friends at church, and just like every great love story after a couple of years of being friends they fell in love. Tim proposed to Tori on the beach in her home town, and their wedding was the perfect mix of both of them. Tori is sweet and kind hearted, during the getting ready portion of the day she was so kind to everyone around her and kept calm even though I could tell her nerves of seeing Tim were on the rise. Tori makes everyone around her feel loved and accepted. Tim is FUN, yes that had to be in all caps, because that is the only way to truly show through text just how much he lights up a room. While Tori’s getting ready room would be described as soft, quiet, and relaxing. Tim’s getting ready room had music blasting, laughs being held, and jokes being told. Tim makes everyone around him feel welcomed and ready to have a good time.Like I said Tori and Tim’s wedding day was a perfect mix of both of them. The day was so much fun with all of the stories being told of the new married duo. Their perfect day was showered with so much love, tears, and heart-felt moments that can only be brought on when a couple is loved that much from those around them.

Tori & Tim it was such a blessing to be your wedding photographer. You let me in on your most intimate and sacred day. I prayed for your marriage the day of your wedding, like I do for all of my couples. This is my prayer for your marriage together:

“God, I pray that Tori & Tim have a long fun-filled marriage. That they will always love each other unconditionally, the way you love them. That Tori can be the arms that hold Tim when the world gets rough and that Tim can be that smile, joke, and dance that Tori needs when the day has been hard. I pray that they challenge each other everyday to be better, to do greater, and to love harder. I pray that when times get hard they remember their wedding day, the love they felt from each other and from others. And I pray that they always remember to put you at the center of their marriage and that loves never fails”

Tori & Tim I will always be praying this over you two. I love your love so much and I can never thank you enough for letting me be apart of your day.

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