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February 28, 2018

Kaitlyn & Matt’s England Wedding

Kaitlyn and Matt’s wedding was straight out of a fairytale dream. About an hour outside of London these two tied the knot on a gorgeous English farm that was built nearly 200 years ago. Kaitlyn and Matt have been doing long distance for the last several years, and flying back and forth from Phoenix to London to see each other. If that dedication to each other doesn’t prepare you for a successful marriage, I don’t know what else will! haha.

Kaitlyn looked absolutely stunning! The back of her dress had a beautiful deep v cut with a fluffy bow at the waist line and paired with her suede blue heels, her look was equally timeliness and uniquely her. Now all of my grooms are handsome but Matt looked sharp! His suit, glasses, and shoe combo made you think he was modeling for some fashion forward English magazine. Now I am a lover of fashion so I just had to let you all know how great they looked on their big day!

What is so awesome about these two, is for how good they looked on the outside, their hearts are twice as beautiful. Kaitlyn is so sweet to all those around her, she gives off this sense of comfort and calmness. Matt is funny, outgoing, and definitely sets the standards high for husbands. Throughout their day it was so sweet to watch how much Matt cared for Kaitlyn. He was always checking in on her, seeing if she needed anything, calming her nerves, and truly just being such a good friend. During the dinner speeches, when everyone had their turn to make us laugh, cry, and aw, Matt stood up with a glass lifted high to toast his bride. For her beauty inside and out needed to be celebrated and recognized by everyone in the room. As I watched Matt applaud his new wife, I watched Kaitlyn smile, giggle, and thank her new husband.

This is a small glimpse of how I see their marriage in the future. Matt and Kaitlyn celebrate each other. They conquered through years of long distance, cultural differences, time zone restrictions, and now the visa process (urgh, haha), but their love prevails and they celebrate each other through every bump in the road.

I pray that Kaitlyn and Matt will continue to always lift each other up and celebrate their win of finding each other. Who would of thought all the curves in the road would have brought an English boy and an American girl together at the same friends wedding to meet.

I love Matt and Kaitlyn’s love story, and I love watching them love each other. I cannot wait to see what adventure lies before them.

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