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We love traveling, nightly dance parties in our living room, binge-watching Netflix, and trying yummy new foods!

Behind the scenes


Loves to cook. Star Wars nerd. Undercover gangster rapper. 


Question asker. YouTube lover. Only has one dance move. 



As young kids in middle school, Jacob and I quickly became best friends. Looking back, I never thought he would one day become my lifelong partner. Although, when we started dating in highschool, it didn’t take long for me to realize the impact his presence made on my life. Whether it was his silly impressions or the surprise date nights, I knew my greatest accomplishment would be becoming his wife. Now, all these years later, he still makes me ugly laugh until my side cramps up. Our love for God remains the center of our relationship. The obsession we have for all things Disney keep us young at heart. Our ability to support each other's dreams and goals encourage us to continue reaching. Not to mention, our ‘dog parent’ mentality that has us patiently awaiting the day we begin to grow our own little family. Through all stages of life, Jacob has, and will continue to be, my person. 

I am married to the bombest (yes, bombest) husband in the world, Jacob Benjamin. We have three girls – and by girls, I mean 2 puppies – named Eloise and Lola, and our daughter Aubreyanna. I’ve been in the photography game since I was 12 years old and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. I ADORE everything about love, which is probably why I like photographing couples so much. While I’ve shot countless weddings and engagements, I’ve dabbled in other styles of photography including products, restaurants, and outsource editing. 
When I’m not running my photography business, you can still find a camera close by as I am usually producing and recording videos for my YouTube channel.

About Karlie


Jacob/Jake/Jay, he goes by many names and literally does
not have a single preference when deciding which one he
likes to be called most. He is my second shooter, my
assistant, my sidekick, my everything. Jacob loves all
things sports (go Chargers), Starwars, golf, Disney, and
cooking! You will find him most weekends, mowing our
lawn with his team shirt on rocking out to his favorite
Spotify channel. Only to then come inside and whip up an
amazing meal (go me!). Jacob has his undergrad in Sports
Business Management and his MBA from GCU. He is the guy in every room making you laugh and equally the shoulder you run to when you need help, honesty, and a good deep soul talk.

About Jacob


Aubreyanna Ro, our first born baby girl that keeps us laughing all day long. She is very expressive, easy going, and loves to eat and have a good time. Aubrey is the joy of our lives and has drastically changed our outlook on photography. Our love for photography has grown deeper since becoming parents, the importance of capturing our life has grown a new meaning. Aubrey can be found most days crawling around getting into everything, hitting some high pitch squeals, and giving out "aws" where in our house is how we ask for a hug, haha. 

About Aubreyanna


Yes, we are those crazy dog people, haha! We have two fur babies named Ella and Lola. They are actually sisters from the same litter and their doggie parents are my moms dogs! It is so special that our girls still get to play with their fur parents. Eloise/Ella/Ellie/El has the black fur and many nicknames. Lola has brown fur and extra sass to go around. Though these two little girls were unplanned and unexpected, they instantly became one of the greatest blessings in our lives. Our love for them grow daily!

About Eloise & Lola


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Jacob and I met when we were just 12 years old. We were only friends at first, but quickly grew into the kind of best friends that helped each other work through their boyfriend/girlfriend problems. When we were 15, Jacob asked me to homecoming as “just friends” (I put quotes around this because you’ll soon see that my clever little Jake had an agenda). A month after homecoming, Jacob asked me to be his girlfriend. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but after a night of listening to Jacob present all the reasons why we should be together (seriously), I said yes—and we’ve been together ever since!

Our love story | Chapter One

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A few months after our high school graduation, we took a trip to Disneyland (where dreams do come true) because Jacob proposed! We were 18-years-old, so a lot of people thought we were crazy! We always knew we would spend our whole life together, so why wait? Jacob was so nervous when he proposed; he sweat right through his shirt and actually forgot what he was going to say altogether. Instead, he just blurted out, "WILL YOU MARRY ME!" Needless to say, I instantly became a puddle of happy tears and could barley squeak out my ‘yes’. 

Our love story | Chapter Two

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Flash-forward a few years, Jacob and I both graduated from college and had the wedding of our dreams! Jacob earned his undergrad at Grand Canyon University in Sports Business and Management. Only a year later, he went on to complete his MBA. I received my degree from The Walter Cronkite School for Broadcast and Journalism as a proud ASU Sun Devil! Only 9 days after my 21st birthday and 3 days after Jacob walked at graduation, we tied the knot in Phoenix, Arizona. We’ll forever remember dancing the night away with our closest friends and family!

Our love story | Chapter Three

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The first 4 years of our marriage consisted of buying our first home, lots of renovation projects, and traveling..ALOT. We traveled all over Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. There were months we literally lived out of a suitcase and never bothered unpacking it. We learned our favorite thing to do together is explore new places. Whether it's a new country or a new restaurant in our home town, we connect and bond over exploration together.  

Our love story | Chapter Four

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On July 3rd 2020 our love story took a massive leap as we welcomed our first baby into the world. Aubreyanna Ro is the little girl we have been dreaming of since we were teenagers. Aubrey is the light of our lives and we now know we did not know THIS type of love until we met her. Aubrey is filled with joy and nicknamed "sunshine girl"
she radiates love, fun, and spunk. We have already joined her into our adventure group and now the 3 of us love to explore together. 

Our love story | Chapter Five

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Karlie Colleen

This is what I believe in and choose to live by:

Be honest and true to yourself. No matter who you are or what you do, BE YOU. Don’t just show it, STRUT it. Be proud of who you are and learn how to love the skin you were born in. We are all uniquely different and beautiful. My goal as a photographer is to show off EXACTLY who you are.

Karlie Colleen


The short and sweet version is that Karlie's photography skills combined with her client care from start to finish is simply outstanding and without a doubt deserves a 5 star in my book. She not only orchestrated the entire event from choosing the perfect location and provided extra dresses for me to chose from, she literally rolled up her jeans, got down and dirty in a mossy river, just to get the perfect shot for me and my baby. If that's not dedication, I don't know what is. 

Merry chris & ava


Karlie took my senior graduation photos this past semester and they were everything I could have asked for and more! She is so sweet and easy to work with. My pictures came back so fast and I couldn’t be more pleased. Highly recommend Karlie for all of your photography needs.



Karlie Colleen is a wonderful photographer! She knows what she is doing and she is great at her job. We wouldn't go anywhere else! Thank you for all the beautiful pictures.


Dominican Republic

New York 
San Fransisco
Hong Kong
Puerto Rico




Czech Republic
The Caribbean
New Orleans
Florida keys

WHERE WE want to go

You could say we are obsessed with traveling! Here are some of the places we have been for work and fun, and of course, here is our dream list!


We had so much fun traveling through Asia! Japan, Thailand, and Bali were our main stops, and then we had a day in Sydney Australia. I hope this video inspires you to visit the beauty Asia has to offer! Subscribe to our Youtube channel to see more of our travel videos, and tips & tricks for your next adventure!


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We had so much fun traveling through Europe! It was a 2 week girls trip with my mom and sister. We traveled through Hungary, Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. It was such a special trip because the three of us girls are Hungarian and while there my sisters surprised us with her pregnancy announcement! 


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Kauai is one of my favorite islands of Hawaii. The garden island is filled with so many activities from snorkeling, surfing, rafting, to horse back riding, food tastings, and helicopter rides. In todays video I want to show you the beauty of Kauai through my lens.


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San Fran is a bustling city with so much diverse culture and jaw dropping views. Jacob and I had so much fun exploring this wonderful city for my birthday a few years ago. I hope you enjoy this travel vlog!


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